Can’t wait…like Paul

Acts 24-28

The concept of patience is what stands out to me through these chapters.  Paul becomes a prisoner and appeals his case to Caesar himself…but there was no such thing as a speedy trial back then.  He waited in prison for two years before he was cleared to go to Rome.  That trip was itself an exercise in patience as the journey was hindered by bad weather and a shipwreck that led to another three month delay.  When he finally walked the streets of Rome, he still didn’t get an immediate audience with Caesar.  In fact, the book of Acts ends with Paul living in Rome at his own expense with a soldier guarding him.  I don’t know if he ever did get that audience with Caesar, but hopefully my future readings will reveal that fact…

So that is at least four years that Paul is in chains…not proven guilty, but awaiting trial…the next time I am impatient for Friday to get here, the next time I’m squirming with impatience for (fill in the blank), I’ll think of Paul and feel blessed instead!

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