Unfinished and content

Philippians; 1 Timothy

I had a fantastic time with family over the past two days.  We celebrated an early Christmas with my side of the family — I wish I could fit all the love in a jar and open it up to just breathe in whenever I want.  To me, it smells like cookies and warm kids and coffee and peppermint all swirled together.  I gave my grandma extra hugs because I’m so thankful the Lord healed her of colon cancer.  I hugged my aunt extra because I’m so thankful the Lord healed her of leukemia.  He is faithful…and oh so good, isn’t He?

The theme from the last two days’ reading is contentment.  Paul knew how to be content in all situations — even in prison.  If contentment came in a jar, I’d buy it!  But I think it must be a product of growing deeper roots in Christ.  As I do this, my mind will naturally turn more towards the things of heaven and less on my circumstances.  I haven’t yet reached that state in my walk.  But the Lord isn’t finished with me yet!  If only my perfectionism…my desire to already be the person the Lord is proud of and wants me to be…would dissolve.  Then I would be content with who I am and comfortable in my own skin.  Not there yet…but when I look back and see all that the Lord has done for my family and for my health over the past year, I am hopeful that my insides, my heart and my mind, will keep improving not on my own power, but on God’s.  I guess I am impatient with my own progress…

There I go again.  Relying on my own power and strength to mold me when it is the Lord who does the molding and the shaping.  I will set my mind on being content with my “unfinished” status.


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