Stepping outside

2 John, 3 John

2 John is a letter written by “the Elder,” (John?) to…gasp…a woman!  I found that fact intriguing; I’d never noticed it before. Christianity has done so much for women, even way back in Bible times when women were considered property.  At least some of the early Christians treated women as equals!

These readings serve mainly as warnings to the Christians to beware of those around them who begin denying what they know about Christ…his life, his death, his resurrection, his ascension.  Apparently there were some in the church who started distorting the truth about Christ. That is a familiar refrain!

Again the Christians are warned to love one another and to imitate Christ rather than those who do evil.

I’m still working out how to intentionally show love to those around me and am praying for the Lord to give me an awareness so that I can step outside of myself.

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