The seals and the terrors

Revelation 6-11

For a second there, I felt as though I was reading the Left Behind series!

But these words of prophesy that I read were from John.  There will be seven seals on a scroll and three terrors on the earth in these last days.

1st seal unveils a white horse with a rider carrying a bow and wearing a crown who rides off to victory.

2nd seal shows a red horse whose rider carries a giant sword and who is given to ability to remove peace from the earth and who causes war and destruction.

3rd seal brings out a black horse whose rider proclaims economic destruction and carries scales in his hands.

4th seal brings a pale green horse whose rider’s name is Death; 1/4 of living things will be killed with sword, famine, disease and wild animals.

5th seal shows the souls of those who were martyred for the Lord crying out for retribution — they are given white robes and told to wait a little while longer until their full number arrives.

6th seal causes natural disasters like earthquakes and celestial events such as falling stars and the sky rolling up like a scroll.

7th seal reveals silence in heaven for about 30 minutes, prayers for God’s people, and the angel dumping a bowl of fire from the altar and lightning upon the earth.

1st terror will be locusts that sting like a scorpion all those who do not bear the Lord’s mark on their foreheads.

2nd terror will be a 200 million strong army whose mounts blow fire and smoke killing one third of all the people.

3rd terror will be the announcement of the coming of Christ’s kingdom on earth.  The Ark of the Covenant will be opened, followed by lightning, thunder, earthquakes, and a hailstorm.

All I can do is pray that the Lord will keep my feet steady and my faith strong should these come to pass in my lifetime. Just reading about them frightens me…yet I know that the Lord’s name is written on me…but it makes me feel a sense of urgency for those in our world who don’t believe and who follow false religions or even no religion…Do they even know this prophesy of what is in store for those who harden their hearts and refuse to worship the Lord?


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