Live Bait and Hamburgers

One of the perks of living so close to the boondocks is the delight we experience in finding the wackiest road sign advertisements.  Last weekend’s road trip took us to the winding roads in deep northeast Texas.   Besides Live Bait and Hamburgers, we were invited to try Antique Hamburgers as well as a Taxidermy and Pet Resort.  (I promise, I am not making this up!)

I was thrilled to meet family members from my dad’s side of the family who I had not yet met…two aunts and their respective families, including cousins.

I learned my mom almost fell off the side of a mountain in California after the truck in which she was riding lost traction on a winding road.  If I had not seen with my own eyes my usual taciturn dad bubbling like a social butterfly among his sisters and brother, I would never have believed it.  My aunts are beautiful inside and out, and I am so glad they took the initiative to arrange this family reunion.

The scorpion above, however, was not a part of the day’s delights.  My mom’s cat discovered him lurking by the fireplace, and I grabbed a photo before my dad sent the “stinging lizard” to the hereafter.

Kudos to my husband who bravely drove the rutted gravel road the GPS sent us on and for enduring the 104 degree heat while slaving over a HOT grill!  The scorpion was thankfully not part of the day’s menu…nor was live bait, and although we did have hamburgers, I don’t believe they were antique ones!

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