Journey To The Outer Banks

Breathtaking, isn’t it? Last week was full of breathtaking moments as my family and I embarked on a journey to Hatteras, North Carolina, on the southernmost tip of the Outer Banks…accessible by car, that is. What a journey it was! First came the air travel and the obligatory panic attack.  I’m so used to panic attacks at airports that you’d think by now I could ignore them completely.  Nope.  The anxiety and agitation reached a peak, and my poor husband just didn’t know what to do with the blubbering mass of (quiet) hysterics that had become his wife.  I inhaled … Continue reading Journey To The Outer Banks

Words from My Father

Many words from my father still echo in the passages of my mind.  I hear them and heed them and find myself passing along their wisdom to my own daughter.  Here are some of my favorites, just in time for Father’s Day.  Thank you, Dad, for always creating your own excitement. Good Night, Sleep Tight, and Say Your Prayers. I still pray before sleeping, Dad, thanks to habits formed when I was young. Rise and Be Dull. This phrase became the standard wake-up announcement, spoken just after a horrible blast from an old Army trumpet and accompanied by a tug … Continue reading Words from My Father

The Dead Refrigerator, Caravaggio, and Modern Art

Today was scheduled to be one of those warm and fuzzy family-friendly days, complete with a grinning teenage ice skater, smiley trips to art museums, a fabulous dining experience, and a leisurely late afternoon spent reading novels and eating oatmeal cookies.  The reality was a bit different. Let me back up a bit and tell you a little something about last night.  My handy, eagle-eyed hubby noticed that water was on the floor near the refrigerator. My hubby notices with 100% accuracy when anything in the house is out of a place in a way that may cause someone to … Continue reading The Dead Refrigerator, Caravaggio, and Modern Art

Live Bait and Hamburgers

One of the perks of living so close to the boondocks is the delight we experience in finding the wackiest road sign advertisements.  Last weekend’s road trip took us to the winding roads in deep northeast Texas.   Besides Live Bait and Hamburgers, we were invited to try Antique Hamburgers as well as a Taxidermy and Pet Resort.  (I promise, I am not making this up!) I was thrilled to meet family members from my dad’s side of the family who I had not yet met…two aunts and their respective families, including cousins. I learned my mom almost fell off … Continue reading Live Bait and Hamburgers

Around the World in Five Hours

Life these past few days has been filled to the brim as I endeavored to follow my daughter’s elaborate 10th birthday party plans. We went on an around-the-world trip within the walls of our home. The girls had tea with the “queen” (yours truly!) in London, played Italian street games and enjoyed fine Italian cuisine complete with sparkling grape juice in real crystal wine glasses in Rome, took off for Dublin where they found a delicious birthday cake at the end of the rainbow, flew to Egypt and wrote their names in hieroglyphics, jetted over to Jamaica for some tropical … Continue reading Around the World in Five Hours