No Greater Love

No Greater Love

by EverFaith

September 11, 2011

An innocent morning

Crisp azure expanse welcomed 

A new day

Then…a frantic phone call

The chilling click of a remote

The horror as one accident

Became four violent attacks.

A dash to grab groceries

Everyone buying bread

Empty shelves reflecting

Unbelieving hearts asking,

“Dear God, what’s next?”

As we held our breath collectively

Afraid to hope for peace.

A kaleidoscope of color

Captured the attention,

Crimson roses on the roadside

Seemed brighter while the

Sky expanded bluely

In the absence of sound,

The void of flight.

A wall of pictures, a vigil,

Turned memorial as we counted the cost.

Heroes dripped blood, 

Giving life to defeat death.

Enemies revealed while evidence mounted

And survivors forged a way through

The fiery wilderness.

Yet…faith, hope and love

Flooded the nation

As strangers for a time became

Countrymen, and the Nation Under God



Once More.

A decade’s passage of time

Highlights the gratitude pulsing

In this uplifted heart for those champions

Who sprinted towards destruction,

Demonstrating the definition

Of “No greater love,”

Offering their breath to save lives,

Yours. And Mine.

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