Jabba the Couch

From the looks of things, I am greatly improved, and my surgery was even more transforming than I thought possible!

Princess Lea and I do have chains in common.  Although I’m thankfully not dealing with Jabba the Hut in my recovery, I do sometimes feel chained to Jabba the Couch.  Today I ventured off the couch for awhile, but I think I did too much.  Even if I have to say down all day tomorrow to pay for today, it felt freeing to:

  • fold some clothes
  • microwave my own lunch
  • mix and bake (and eat) cookies
  • clean up the cookie mess
  • cook an easy dinner
  • walk up the stairs
  • visit with a friend

I think the walk up the stairs is what put me over the top into the exhaustion tier.  Although I managed just fine, I felt some twinges and then by the time I got back downstairs I realized those twinges were morphing into aches and an increase in bleeding.  Apparently something inside got a bit pulled.

So, I’m back in bed, properly chastised but still glad that I made those cookies.  Not THESE cookies, mind you, but ones that look like them.  Can’t be running around with my camera just yet!

Today I also revisited an old favorite:

This movie came out when I was my daughter’s age.  Back then we recorded it on our high-tech VCR, and I watched it until I had the dialogue memorized.  The story still captivates me because I can identify with Kathleen Turner’s character — Joan Wilder.  In my secret dreams, I am a novelist!  Like Joan, I get seasick, carsick, airsick, trainsick, and practically escalator sick!  The only way I would willingly board a plane to Columbia is if someone I loved needed me to personally bring them a treasure map.  Or a prescription.  Or if they got kidnapped or thrown in jail or lost in the jungle…but pardon my imaginative ramblings.  In another life, if I did not possess this insane anxiety about food and travel and crowds and germs and winding mountain roads and kidnappers who shoot guns at people like me, I might enjoy hiking to a spectacular waterfall in an exotic locale.  My favorite moment in the movie is when Joan and her “guide” Jack find the glittering green stone…oh, and also when they dance together…and the bit at the end with the snappers…who am I kidding?  I like the whole movie, cheesy sound effects and all.

We are planning a special birthday party for my almost-teenaged daughter.  I’m not telling secrets, but I will say it involves a party dress.  However, today I did not go dress shopping with my daughter.  I did not hold oodles of dresses for her while she tried on one after another.  I did not go shoe shopping or purse shopping with her, either.  There’s no way I have the stamina to traverse the whole mall in search of the perfect dress.  While I watched Romancing the Stone while perched on Jabba the Couch, my daughter went dress shopping, thanks to one of my closest friends.  Our daughters giggled and searched together while she patiently gave advice and helped them each find her perfect, sparkly dress.    I am so grateful the Lord has given me such good friends who have been there for us through this recovery process!  I will be sure to post photos after the Big Event!

The online Bible study begins on Monday.  Can’t wait!  If I have to be chained to Jabba the Couch, I might as well feed my spirit with God’s Word while I’m at it….just not wearing a bikini.

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