Confined to the Couch

This convalescence has to come to end soon before I either go crazy or drive my family nuts. I’ve made huge strides in my healing!  I just have a long way to go.  When I signed up for this surgery, my mind was worried about the surgery itself and the immediate aftermath rather than on my ability to handle being a lounge lizard for such a long period of time. The Bright Side (Thank you, God!!) I’ve officially passed the time of the month where I would have had a series of very painful days.  Slowly the reality is dawning … Continue reading Confined to the Couch

A Lounge Lizard’s Timeline of Faith

The Lounge Lizard has finally flown the coop!  Twenty-five days post-surgery, and I am slowly stretching my lizard wings.  I even drove my daughter to mall on Friday!  I still have to take it easy, which can be frustrating when I *think* I feel well enough to do something but then learn halfway through that I’m not quite ready.  My trip to Target late last week left me in tears because I wanted to do more, but my body couldn’t handle it. A friend of mine mentioned the other day that my journey through this process has been a glimpse … Continue reading A Lounge Lizard’s Timeline of Faith

Jabba the Couch

From the looks of things, I am greatly improved, and my surgery was even more transforming than I thought possible! Princess Lea and I do have chains in common.  Although I’m thankfully not dealing with Jabba the Hut in my recovery, I do sometimes feel chained to Jabba the Couch.  Today I ventured off the couch for awhile, but I think I did too much.  Even if I have to say down all day tomorrow to pay for today, it felt freeing to: fold some clothes microwave my own lunch mix and bake (and eat) cookies clean up the cookie … Continue reading Jabba the Couch

The Anxious Lounge Lizard

It’s somewhat of a dreary day today in north Texas, although the temperature is pleasant.  It makes me happy to see the knock out roses still in bloom here on the sixth day of November.  They didn’t like our harsh summer but are flourishing in our mild fall.  Of course, the low temperature is supposed to be in the 30s and 40s by mid-week, but I will enjoy them while they persist. Speaking of persistence…. This little baby doll has been attached to my hip ever since I got back from the hospital.  She follows me everywhere and is not … Continue reading The Anxious Lounge Lizard