Is anyone in our country above the law?

Apparently our esteemed national leaders consider laws beneath them when those laws do not serve their purposes…and I am beyond angry at the ludicrous way our leaders keep breaking their own laws.

Let’s start at the top, shall we?

President Obama is violating the 1974 Budget Act for the third year in a row.  I guess the IRS will give me an extension on my taxes if I decide I need a few more weeks to “finalize decisions and technical details.”  WRONG!  If my daughter decides she needs an extra few weeks to turn in her research paper, her teacher will give her a ZERO for a grade.  But President Obama is not the only president to casually set aside laws that are inconvenient…his predecessor President Bush set aside laws as well.  I hold my elected officials to an extremely high standard of excellence…all of them.  I was not happy with President Bush’s choices, and I am not thrilled with President Obama’s, either.  Our President, of all people, should be the first in line to obey every law….according to our Constitution, the President’s job is to ENFORCE the laws!  How can a person who does not obey the law enforce it without being hypocritical?

And then we have our esteemed Senators who have ALSO failed to obey the law as set out in the 1974 Budget Act.  In fact, tomorrow marks the 1,000th day that the Senate has gone without any budget at all.  I’d say that deserves at least, oh, 100,000 ZEROs.

If I was Teacher-In-Chief, I would haul President Obama and the entire Senate to the principal’s office for an expulsion meeting.  Every single one of them…of ALL political persuasions…deserve to be kicked out of office simply by their failure to comply with the laws of our nation.  If our lawmakers and law enforcers are so blatantly disregarding our laws with zero consequences, then the rest of our nation will follow.  They have failed abysmally in leadership.  Unfortunately, most of We the People don’t really notice. Those few who do notice are more apt to mimic their illegal behavior than demand accountability when they see our “leaders” breaking the law.

Let this be a notice to my own elected officials: if you break the law, I will FAIL you by voting against you. As a taxpaying voter, this is my right — but it is also my responsibility.  Checks and balances in the constitution also extend to you and me.  We have a job — holding our elected representatives accountable…and the only way to do this is at the ballot box.

Now where did I put my paddle?

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