Fitbit Motivator

Physical Education was my worst subject in school.  I hated everything about it — the smell of the gym, the sound of thirty basketballs slamming against the floors, basketballs flying out of nowhere and hitting my head, being the last one chosen for teams, every single time in every single sport, never being able to serve the volleyball over the net, the Texas heat, sweat, tripping over my own feet…

So it’s no surprise that as an adult the mere idea of “working out” is fraught with trepidation and even a hint of danger (at least around flying objects, such as basketballs).  Yet one of the main treatments for fibromyalgia is exercise.  I half-heartedly kept myself on a walking schedule but didn’t really know (or even care) how often I was walking, until I met my new motivation partner: the Fitbit.


This little device fits in my pocket and keeps track of my activity level.  This evening I slathered myself with Purification Essential Oil (to ward off mosquitoes) and set out on a walk for the sole purpose of crossing the 10,000 step threshold.  Who knew that keeping track of my activity would motivate me to do more?

Today I have walked 10,242 steps, which translates into 4.02 miles.  I’ve climbed 14 flights of stairs and burned 1520 calories, which is a good thing, since I had a very delicious sopapilla for dessert at lunch!  When I checked and saw that I crossed the 10,000 mark, I did a happy dance…which of course added even more steps to my day!

The Fitbit also tracks sleep.  Last night I woke up 18 times.  I already knew I wasn’t getting great sleep, but 18 times? No wonder I’ve felt like a zombie.  My poor brain isn’t reaching deep sleep!

Speaking of sleep and the lack thereof, Yawn.  I’m signing off now and turning my Fitbit to the sleep mode. Not only has it motivated me to get moving, but it’s also motivated me to turn off the light and go to bed already!

Good night, y’all!

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