The One About The Weakling

Ouch!  That looks a bit painful, doesn’t it?  I did not have my camera or my phone handy earlier this week when I finished the last of three tests ordered and performed by Dr. G., my neurologist, otherwise I would have asked her to snap a lovely photo.  I’ll let you imagine the awkward shot of me in a blue paper gown.  Nevermind. Erase that, please. Dr. G. is a bit of a Sherlock Holmes of medicine.  She is the first physician I’ve encountered on this long health journey who believes every bit of data is important.  For example, one … Continue reading The One About The Weakling

Aiming Higher

Last week I traversed the sidewalks in my neighborhood channeling my inner Jimmy Olsen (the photographer who accompanied Clark Kent, AKA Superman, on his fact-finding missions).  The camera I wore around my neck clunked and swung back and forth against my belly button because I haven’t bothered to figure out how to shorten the straps.  I want to get into the habit of taking my camera everywhere with me — mostly because I always seem to find things I want to capture on those days that I don’t have it with me.  Sigh. My husband was at a boy’s night … Continue reading Aiming Higher

Fitbit Motivator

Physical Education was my worst subject in school.  I hated everything about it — the smell of the gym, the sound of thirty basketballs slamming against the floors, basketballs flying out of nowhere and hitting my head, being the last one chosen for teams, every single time in every single sport, never being able to serve the volleyball over the net, the Texas heat, sweat, tripping over my own feet… So it’s no surprise that as an adult the mere idea of “working out” is fraught with trepidation and even a hint of danger (at least around flying objects, such … Continue reading Fitbit Motivator

Good News….

Well, it’s confirmed that this lady DOES have a brain! And the brain does NOT show any signs of a breakdown in the protective covering of the nerves, which would be MS…so MS is not likely.  Whoo-hoo! The other news is that there is damage to nerves in my neck — a fact that didn’t surprise the doctor after looking at my X-rays. I’m all out of whack, and my spinal column is pressing on the cord and causing damage.  Unfortunately any kind of adjustments to my neck cause intense fibromyalgia flare ups. So no more adjustments, at least for … Continue reading Good News….

Thirteen Little Things

Just a few random thoughts tonight that I thought I’d share with you lovely readers. I have the music to the Seussical Jr. musical running through my head due to the fact that my daughter’s auditions are in two days.  If I belt out “A-mazing Mazie” or “The Thinks You Can Think,” please insert ear plugs and give me a little grace.  I can’t help it.  Those songs are just too cute! And addicting. My memory card/computer/camera/virus/dog ate my photography class homework.  I was thrilled to start shooting photos today as part of my homework.  I set those f-stops and … Continue reading Thirteen Little Things