When Something’s Amiss

(Warning: Some gross content below.  Not for the squeamish!) There is something motivating about finding blood coming out of places it has no business exiting…like in pee.  Yesterday morning I lay in bed and stretched and prayed and asked the Lord to direct my paths…that I would do his will with my day, not mine.  He answered me in a painful way… Yesterday afternoon I discovered the aformentioned blood and got myself quickly to the doctor.  Understand, I am not someone who loves going to the doctor.  I actually get anxious about all those doctor’s office germs floating around everywhere.  … Continue reading When Something’s Amiss

The Ivory Soap Campaign

When my brother and I were kids with smart mouths that sometimes said words kids (and adults!) have no business saying, our parents brought out the Ivory soap and gave us an appreciation of the value in telling the truth. I’m here to tell you today that we need a big old bar of Ivory soap to wash out the filth pouring out of politicians’ mouths these days. (Fair warning to McCain supporters — this blog is not a partisan blog today. I’ve been doing some checking, and angry is too mild a word to describe the way I’m feeling … Continue reading The Ivory Soap Campaign

Stomping the Guilt Monster

Yesterday I began musing about the difference between condemnation and conviction. I’d just read a wonderful news article about a woman who single-handedly began a Christmas party for the homeless. I was so glad that she had been so successful, but I also felt a twinge of guilt. After all, I haven’t organized a party for the homeless. I don’t frequent downtown shelters. I don’t personally know anyone who is homeless; in fact, we don’t even have people standing on street corners holding “Help, Please” signs in our corner of small town Texas. These thoughts flew through my head as … Continue reading Stomping the Guilt Monster

The Chameleon Principle

The sermon this past Sunday was part of a continuing series about friendships. In particular, we learned about going forth into the world (see yesterday’s blog) to show love to all people…especially to unbelievers. A chameleon changes its appearance to blend in with its surroundings. When we lived in Florida, I got a pretty up close and personal with lots of skin-color-changing critters! In his intense efforts to help people be saved, the early church leader Paul oftentimes changed the appearance of who he was so that others would be saved. Just as a chameleon with changed skin is still … Continue reading The Chameleon Principle


Today my daughter and I went on a field trip today with our homeschool group to the Buckner Center for Humanitarian Aid. The video we watched was heartbreaking; my eyes weren’t the only wet ones in the crowd! Even the little ones were taken aback by the absolute joy they saw shining in the eyes of the children who were receiving new shoes on their feet. We cut off price tags, removed paper stuffing, and used zipties to hold the pairs of shoes together. We sorted them by size and gender. Working together, our group processed four huge boxes full … Continue reading Unspotted