Frigid Feet

Just a couple days ago I boasted that I felt a sense of RESOLVE about having surgery in 18 short days. Let it be proclaimed from the rooftops that the resolve has slithered to the floor and now lies puddled at my frigid feet.  Oh my goodness, I think the anxiety about the surgery is going to be worse than the surgery itself! I visited the HysterSisters website again today and really wish I had not done that.  Maybe it would be better for me to be ignorant of all the things that may happen post-op.  Perhaps I don’t need … Continue reading Frigid Feet

Peace beyond the battle

A little over ten years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter and battling severe nausea, I found one of those “relaxation CDs” called Mountain Streams.  The sound of rushing water was overlaid with gentle instrumentals, and I played that CD into the ground because it helped me relax and remove my focus from that which caused severe anxiety (the nausea) to that which caused peace (God’s creation).  Even today I find the sound of rushing water soothing to my soul.  I think God must have created a waterfalls and streams, ocean waves, chirping birds and other beautiful sounds … Continue reading Peace beyond the battle