Do Nothing Day

Today is my do nothing day. You see, it’s Monday.  That means our new normal is for my daughter to be away all day in her once-a-week junior high Challenge A Classical Conversations class.  Oh, I have a list longer than Santa’s of things I could be doing around the house, like cleaning closets, organizing drawers, buying groceries, matching socks.  Thrilling, I know. Instead I find myself outside by the pool, soaking in some rays.  Gotta make that Vitamin D somehow, right?  Seriously, though, I’m trying to learn how to stop following all those rules that I set up for … Continue reading Do Nothing Day

Boarding the (Old Fogey) Bus

When I was a little girl in the late 70s, the yellow school bus picked me up at dark thirty in the morning and bounced me around bumpy country roads before parking at the “bus barn” — a large parking lot next to the high school where the kids transferred from their neighborhood buses to the ones that would then drive them to their respective schools.  De-segretation meant the district no longer had neighborhood schools. But that’s not what I’m remembering today. What strikes me today is the weird feeling I had each morning as I sat in my bus … Continue reading Boarding the (Old Fogey) Bus