Do Nothing Day

Today is my do nothing day.

You see, it’s Monday.  That means our new normal is for my daughter to be away all day in her once-a-week junior high Challenge A Classical Conversations class.  Oh, I have a list longer than Santa’s of things I could be doing around the house, like cleaning closets, organizing drawers, buying groceries, matching socks.  Thrilling, I know.

Instead I find myself outside by the pool, soaking in some rays.  Gotta make that Vitamin D somehow, right?  Seriously, though, I’m trying to learn how to stop following all those rules that I set up for myself.  Making efficient use of time is so high up there in my Rules to Daily Living that my daughter tells me I resemble Star Trek Voyager’s Seven of Nine:


What do you think?  NOT!  She was referring to my personality (or lack of one) and not physical attributes.  Although some days I wouldn’t mind having a metal plate curling around my eye.  It might detract from my bags and shadows!

That’s not to say that I don’t ever have days when I goof off.  Usually those days just happen because I’m not feeling well or I get lost in the pages of decadent book…and I end up berating myself and feeling guilty for all the wasted time, for the things I didn’t do for my family.  But today I give myself grace.  I will not look back and fret over my non-accomplishments.  Instead, I give myself permission to sit back and do nothing beyond soaking in the sunshine on this coolish day and being grateful for little glimpses of heaven, right here in my own backyard:



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