Peace Be With You

“Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.” -Luke 2:14 In church yesterday I had a wonderful treat.  First, my precious and very brave daughter performed her Christmas music during the service and then sang in the children’s choir.  Our pastor spoke a beautiful message about peace which I will delve into later this week.  But first, I had to share the song that our  worship band performed.  I had never heard it before, but it captured my heart and brought me some much-needed peace in this busiest of busy seasons.  … Continue reading Peace Be With You

A Girl’s Best Friends, Part II

As I write this, my sweet “firstborn” is curled up at my feet.  The dog.  Not the daughter! My old Dalmatian is getting older every day, it seems.  His best love, other than food, of course, has been chasing balls.  Especially tennis balls.  Even today he gets so excited his wobbly body wiggles all over when we bring home a sleeve of new tennis balls.  His ears and eyes might not work so great anymore, but there’s nothing wrong with his smeller!  A police officer friend who trained canines told us once that our dog would be a natural police … Continue reading A Girl’s Best Friends, Part II

A Homemade Christmas

Earlier I wrote about my dissatisfaction with the mainstream commercialization of Christmas and promised to update with some ideas on how to spread the gift of presence, rather than so many presents. I’ve been trolling the web, looking for homemade gift ideas.  Here are some that I’ve found: Homemade Jars. Layer the dry ingredients to your favorite cookie, soup, or chili recipe.  Cover the lid with a pretty Christmas fabric and attach a tag with assembly directions.  You can get some soup and other ideas here.  Finish off the gift with some homemade bread or corn muffins. Homemade Bath Salts. … Continue reading A Homemade Christmas

Commercial Christmas

I’ve been getting pounds and pounds of catalogs in the mail these days advertising everything from Christmas trees to fuzzy socks and fake rocks. My email is flooded with ads urging me to “beat the rush” and snatch up various merchandise currently offered at unbeatable deals. Of course, all these deals are “the lowest price of the season.” I also receive daily emails from the American Family Association. Many of these emails are a sincere effort to mobilize Christians to stand up for Christ in today’s culture. They organize boycotts against companies that advertise in “alternative lifestyle” magazines and websites. … Continue reading Commercial Christmas

Reflecting on the Miraculous

Yesterday afternoon the sun streamed shafts of light through the blinds, warming my cheek and highlighting the page I was reading in the Bible about the birth of Christ.  Suddenly I grew hungry to know more about this magical story.  I’ve heard it since I was old enough to speak, and I have known that it is actually not a story.  It is truth.  It really happened!  A long time ago my parents taught me the distinction between the fictional account of the North Pole, Santa Claus, Elves, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and the non-fiction account in the Bible … Continue reading Reflecting on the Miraculous