The Introverted Christian

Unfriendly. Standoffish. Aloof. Those three ungainly words describe the appearance of my character when I am among people I do not know very well. It is not in my nature to seek out people and strike up friendships with them out of the blue. Take the above photo, for example.  On a vacation last year, I spent a great deal of my time snapping photos and contorting myself into unusual positions to get (what I hoped would be) creative shots.  There were crowds of people as far as my eye could see…yet I did not engage even ONE Of those … Continue reading The Introverted Christian

The ROUS, in me

Ever since I was old enough to form coherent sentences, I have been on a quest for information. I want to know why radio stations begin with the letters K or W. I want to know why a negative exponent really means the inverse and why the distributive property does not work with division. I want to know why I get a stronger wireless signal while standing precisely here in my bedroom, while stepping only three steps away in any direction decreases the signal significantly. This burning need to KNOW was the root of my school day stresses a hundred years ago, particularly in math class. … Continue reading The ROUS, in me

Fixing My Eyes

This morning in church after worship, the pastor exhorted us with a phrase from Hebrews 12 I’ve heard so often that it usually skims over my head and drips down to the floor without me even noticing.  But today I heard these words with clarity and what felt like a bolt of lightning piercing my awareness: “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith…” The Author of My Faith. The faith that I have in the Lord was written by Jesus.  That’s what an author does.  He holds the pen…my faith life is the … Continue reading Fixing My Eyes

Climbing Mt. Laundry

(Warning: If you are my mother, do NOT read this post lest you worry needlessly about me.  I will be okay.  You have been warned.) ________________ I want to write today about mental illness.  The Christians I’ve known in my life never really discussed mental illness.  It has always been one of those things that we sort of think exists but deep down believe that if a person will just “get a grip,” “grow up,” “put on the big girl pants,” “trust Jesus,” or “relax,” then it will all go away.  It’s all in the mind, and if your mind … Continue reading Climbing Mt. Laundry

A Lounge Lizard’s Timeline of Faith

The Lounge Lizard has finally flown the coop!  Twenty-five days post-surgery, and I am slowly stretching my lizard wings.  I even drove my daughter to mall on Friday!  I still have to take it easy, which can be frustrating when I *think* I feel well enough to do something but then learn halfway through that I’m not quite ready.  My trip to Target late last week left me in tears because I wanted to do more, but my body couldn’t handle it. A friend of mine mentioned the other day that my journey through this process has been a glimpse … Continue reading A Lounge Lizard’s Timeline of Faith