A motherhood mulligan?

I’m almost certain that teenagers inhabit a time space continuum that is separate from those of their parents. For them, time slows to a crawl.  I remember how I felt the year I began high school, thinking that it would take absolutely FOREVER to get through four years before graduation. But now that I am a parent, I experience time on a completely different plane.  Time gallops so fast that it seems the years have lapped me before I have taken a step out of the starting gate. Ten years ago, my four-year-old played dress-up with the dog and made … Continue reading A motherhood mulligan?

Teeny No More

I beheld a woman holding a teeny tiny baby at the checkout today at the grocery store, and there it was: the instantaneous weep.  Somehow these days the mere sight of a fresh newborn baby brings prickles to my nose and drippy tears to my eyes.  When they took my womb in the hysterectomy, I think they also must have surgically extracted a little piece of my heart. But here is my sweetheart, all stretched out after landing a jump today at ice skating practice.  When I was a wee little one myself, I used to watch figure skating on … Continue reading Teeny No More

Father (still) Knows Best

There was a moment (or maybe a few) when I was pregnant with my daughter that I hoped I’d have twins.  I had one of those strange “feelings” that one child was all I would ever have.  It was more than one of those “You did this to me!” moments directed towards my husband.  Rather, it was an internal acknowledgment that somehow, like Melanie in Gone with Wind, I was not built for carrying and birthing babies. Then my baby was born a preemie, all 5 pounds of her, and I realized that my body WAS built for birthing babies. … Continue reading Father (still) Knows Best