Why Is This Not Blazing News?

UPDATE: The problem of Mexican cartels using OUR national parks to grow their drugs is more profound than I thought.  After posting this blog, I saw that FoxNews had this story on the problem — and on how these cartels are re-routing water from our streams, dumping illegal pesticides in our streams, and polluting OUR lands.  ACK!! Today’s Dallas Morning News had a two paragraph brief about an incident well within the United States borders…up in Nevada, to be exact…that has my blood alternately boiling and chilling. Tuesday afternoon, scientists with the Bureau of Land Management were conducting a stream … Continue reading Why Is This Not Blazing News?

Why This Texan Voted for Huckabee, and others will too!

The Texas and Ohio primaries are coming up this Tuesday. The Goliath News Media and conservative pundits have all but pushed Mike Huckabee aside in the face of Senator McCain’s accumulation of delegates and poll numbers. What they discount, however, is the rural vote. Huckabee took the south on Super Tuesday, primarily in rural areas. The big cities went for McCain (why, I don’t know), but the common-sense folks of rural America recognize something genuine, fresh, and new in Mike Huckabee. He is untainted by Washington politics. He does not have a Keating Five scandal in his past. He is … Continue reading Why This Texan Voted for Huckabee, and others will too!

Who To Vote For?

NOTE: Huckabee won all 18 delegates from West Virginia this afternoon! This blog is intended to be a “cliff’s notes” for those readers who are just now researching the candidates for the upcoming primary election. I have prayed and researched myself and have come to the conclusion that the best candidate, hands down, is Mike Huckabee. Some of you may wonder why I have thrown myself so passionately into the fray in support of someone the media casts as an underdog. I am voting for Mike Huckabee because…. 1. He is the only candidate who supports a human life amendment … Continue reading Who To Vote For?