Climbing out of the pit

Mama used to tell me if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Well, I haven’t blogged for awhile because frankly, I haven’t had anything nice or uplifting or inspiring to write. I’ve been up close and personal with darkness. Beth Moore would tell me to Get Out of That Pit. (I so love Beth’s way of bringing real life stuff to Christian platitudes!) A little over a week ago, my sweet husband woke up with some kind of stomach bug. My daughter gave him a bell to ring, and I brought him Unisom (works well for … Continue reading Climbing out of the pit

Of Mud Pies and Miracles

When I was a little girl riding the school bus, my friends and I would close our eyes and point our faces towards the warm sun. As we did so, we described the tiny bursts of color that streaked across the darkness. Sometimes I would “see” white flashes; other times I would “see” splashes of red and pink and green. If we then pressed the palms of our hands gently on our eyes, we’d “see” an even wider variety of designs and colors. Even with my eyes closed, I was not blinded; my brain perceived pressure and light even through … Continue reading Of Mud Pies and Miracles