Math in the Mountains

My brain is tired. I’m in Denver for Classical Conversations speaker training. The topic of this year’s training is, ironically, the topic that I feel the least equipped to teach! But that is really the point. So many of us reared in traditional schools view ourselves as either “math brained” or “language arts brained.” We have bought into the lie that hard subjects that require a different kind of thinking are unreachable, when, in reality, all subjects in the real world separate from the conveyor belt of public education are connected. A person who is comfortable with writing and reading … Continue reading Math in the Mountains


There’s a feeling of spring in my heart, and it’s only partly to do with the greening up I’m seeing outside in my neighborhood.  I stumbled on this creek on a walk yesterday afternoon and marveled at the green when just last week, the grass was still dead. Ugly. Brown, like the state of my heart just last week.  But after God sent me on a U-Turn, I feel refreshed in my spirit.  My efforts to be a more encouraging mother are paying off, but I can’t take the credit for it. Anything good in me comes from the Father … Continue reading Roots

My inspiration

These are my girls.  Aren’t they beautiful?  My daughter is growing so quickly that even though this photo was taken this past summer, she’s already changed and is taller and leaner — even her face is looking more grown up.  My Canine daughter, however, looks just the same as always.  Too cute to ignore.  When she turns those puppy dog eyes on me, I give her anything she wants.  Bacon.  Kix.  Bacon.  A belly rub.  But no puppy kisses.  Bleh.  I can’t stand those. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter or read me frequently on this blog, you … Continue reading My inspiration

From Audie Murphy to Algorithms

I’m beginning to suspect that my child is a mathematical prodigy — at least compared to me! Our second day of seventh grade started out much smoother than our first.  Whereas she likened me to the Wicked Witch of the West for starting school “too early” (public schools don’t get started for another couple of weeks in our state) yesterday, today it was easier to get started on school work.  I guess we had to climb over the mental hump.  Sometimes I think my daughter pretends to hate school because that’s what she thinks she’s supposed to do.  Yet I … Continue reading From Audie Murphy to Algorithms