Math in the Mountains


My brain is tired. I’m in Denver for Classical Conversations speaker training. The topic of this year’s training is, ironically, the topic that I feel the least equipped to teach!

But that is really the point. So many of us reared in traditional schools view ourselves as either “math brained” or “language arts brained.” We have bought into the lie that hard subjects that require a different kind of thinking are unreachable, when, in reality, all subjects in the real world separate from the conveyor belt of public education are connected. A person who is comfortable with writing and reading can find common ground in understanding the language of math.

At least, that’s what I am wrestling with this evening.

The mathaphobic momma inside my deepest self feels like an ant setting out on a hike up these mountains. So it is completely appropriate that these mountains are within view of the hotel. And while a part of me feels dismay and doubt about my ability to traverse the road to Digitopolis AND teach it to others with great enthusiasm, I am reminded that Jesus had something to say about mountains that applies to math. In fact, Mark 11:22-24 is a mathematical formula, in its own way.

Have faith in God + Tell the mountain to move + Believe it will be moved + Have no doubt = Mountain moved.

Tonight, rather than having a math freak out session, I choose to have faith that the God who called me to be an encourager of this, even MATH, will equip me with all that I need and more. The math mountain in my brain will be moved. God has said it. He will do it! He will do an Extreme Makeover of my attitude and self perception so that when I say, “Move that mountain,” lightbulb moments will happen, people will be encouraged, and I will have a renewed heart and spirit.

Who knew math could do so much?

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