Hello, my name is Christie, and I am a Mean Homeschool Mom

Lest you think from my previous post that we have it all together in homeschool-land, my Challenge 1 (i.e., 9th Grade/Freshman/Going on Thirty) daughter is throwing fiery darts at me with her eyes because I am making her complete work on a Sunday night.  Mind you, this is work that should have been completed by Friday night.  It was written in the planner…but it didn’t get done, and *I* did not check for completeness until 7:30 tonight, assuming erroneously that when my daughter said it was all done, it was.  Except for those four things that didn’t get done.  Including … Continue reading Hello, my name is Christie, and I am a Mean Homeschool Mom

The Art of Learning

I will never forget Z. He was one of my elementary school students that I wanted to take home and adopt. He and his sister were left alone in a park overnight by their mother. He came to my classroom, and I loved him like he was my own son. I loved all my students, but when I think of the little ones whose lives touched mine, his impish grin is the one I remember most. I taught Z and my other students with everything I had within me, using creativity and inspiration from the Lord at those times when … Continue reading The Art of Learning

Scaling the Wall

        (The following post has been compiled in part from my Classical Conversations Roots and Reason Practicum speeches and represents information that was unearthed as I researched the connections between math, beauty, and truth.) In my quest to discover the truth and beauty found in the study of mathematics, I found something that I never realized had been lost: the presence of God. I confess that I never once felt the presence of the Lord above when I cracked open my Algebra textbook in high school.  In fact, the angst I felt in my college physics class felt more like it came from … Continue reading Scaling the Wall

 Speaking Truth and Beauty

A couple of weeks ago, I was privileged to serve as the speaker at one of Classical Conversations’ summer practicums.  It encouraged my heart to see so many parents eager to find truth and beauty in the subjects they teach their children…even the hard ones. Parents were encouraged, but more importantly, God was glorified!  Moms took to Twitter to share some of their insights: “‘Spirals.  So easy a plant can do it.’ Doodling in Math – Spirals.” “Leigh Bortins – Saxon Math explanations show the ‘deeper magic’ in a problem.” “Never thought I’d ever be sitting in a Math practicum.” “Cross canceling in Math is BEAUTIFUL!” … Continue reading  Speaking Truth and Beauty