Math in the Mountains

My brain is tired. I’m in Denver for Classical Conversations speaker training. The topic of this year’s training is, ironically, the topic that I feel the least equipped to teach! But that is really the point. So many of us reared in traditional schools view ourselves as either “math brained” or “language arts brained.” We have bought into the lie that hard subjects that require a different kind of thinking are unreachable, when, in reality, all subjects in the real world separate from the conveyor belt of public education are connected. A person who is comfortable with writing and reading … Continue reading Math in the Mountains

Changing the Public School “Collective”

I took a trip down memory lane today, all the way back to 1994.  As part of my studies to become an elementary teacher, I was required to observe classrooms and keep a journal of my findings. I’m intrigued to examine how I felt about teaching then, in the thick of preparation to enter the public school system, to how I feel now, in the thick of preparation to encourage parents to consider homeschooling. Many of my observations were about the underlying systems in place.  I drew diagrams like this one of the seating arrangements. I made note of busywork … Continue reading Changing the Public School “Collective”

Savoring Joy

Today was my daughter’s first day of eighth grade.  When I picked her up from her CC Challenge B class, she greeted me with words that filled my heart with J-O-Y: I LOVE CC! So went Day 1, Week one of the thirty week program.  She’s especially excited about Latin.  I do believe my child will become a linguistic specialist working for the CIA or MI5 one day.  Hanging out with all the Challenge kids at lunch was another highlight of her day, as was working out the details of the costumes the kids plan to wear to the midnight … Continue reading Savoring Joy

The Homeschooling Hobos

Pondering the word “journey” brings an image to my mind of a hobo boy dressed in patched clothing, carrying his only belongings in a homemade sack tied to a stick.  He whistles as his feet scuffle the dusty road. Along the way he stops to examine a ladybug determined to stand her ground against a very rude ant. This little boy is not heading in any particular direction or to any specific destination.  Instead, his goal is to LIVE, to survive, to embrace all that life has to offer, whatever that may be, trusting that the Lord will provide for … Continue reading The Homeschooling Hobos