Finding the Sacred

The failings of our country are not solely President Obama’s fault. They aren’t even the fault of Congress or the judicial system, although all three play a part in our collective depression.  The ones we really need to examine are the ones who look back at us when we look into a mirror — ourselves. It all started with  this article by conservative columnist Frank Turek in which he blames the church — that is, the entire body of Christ, no matter what flavor or denomination — for the current failings of our country. Specifically, he points to the way … Continue reading Finding the Sacred

True Freedom

I belong to no political party.  The Republicans think they own me because I supported Governor Mike Huckabee eons ago.  Yet they are wrong. Republicans do not speak for me. Democrats do not speak for me. If I were to lump myself into a crowd, I’d choose the Jesus Party. My political platform is taken from the words of Jesus Himself: Matthew 7:12  “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets.” If I drew a Venn diagram of the platforms of … Continue reading True Freedom

Benefit of the Doubt

I haven’t posted much about politics since the election, but today I felt a need to stand up say that as a Christian who has what many in the liberal media would term “neo-conservative” views, I support President-elect Obama’s choice of Saddleback Church’s Rick Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration. For one thing, it is HIS inauguration.  America did not elect the Atlantic website People for the American Way or the Human Rights campaign, all of which have come out swinging and screaming about Obama’s choice in Warren.  I did not vote for him, but I respect this … Continue reading Benefit of the Doubt

America the Beautiful

I am overwhelmed with gratitude this day. Our country is unique in our graceful and peaceful transfer of power…as our leaders pass the baton according to the votes of the American people. There are no rioters in the streets on this day after the election. Those of us who supported McCain now turn our hearts to the good of our country and acknowledge that God’s plans are higher and loftier than anything we can possibly fathom. President Bush’s speech this morning was one of the best examples of the beautiful American spirit that I have ever heard. Regardless of your … Continue reading America the Beautiful