Tearing off the Hood of Shame

Cue the fire and brimstone voice: You are a sinner!  You are a mere worm!  You do not deserve forgiveness!  If you do not repent, if you do not accept Christ as your savior, you worthless sinner, then you are destined for the lake of fire, a horrible place with unending wailing and gnashing of teeth! Messages like the one above are the reason why my family joked that every time I went to church as a young girl, I “walked the aisle” to repent and be absolutely 100% sure I wouldn’t be thrown in that fiery lake. While many … Continue reading Tearing off the Hood of Shame

The Truth-o-Meter

Some time ago I heard about CNN’s conservative guy Glenn Beck.  I watched him a couple of times and laughed.  I figured he was sort of like Bill O’Reilly’s counterpart.  I even bought his book, An Inconvenient Book, because I loved the name.  And while reading the book, I discovered that he is a Mormon. Way back in high school, I dated a guy who was a Mormon.  I’ll never forget the night he took me to a high school dance.  Rather than going out to dinner, his family turned their home into a fine dining establishment.  (We lived in … Continue reading The Truth-o-Meter