The Question of When Life Begins

When does life begin? This is the question Pastor Rick Warren put to both Senator McCain and Senator Obama. Obama cited the complexity of the question and said the answer was above his paygrade. McCain quickly answered, “at conception.” Obama then said that those of us who believe life begins at conception have a fundamental difference of opinion than he does and that we would never agree. He went on to suggest that we could find things we have in common and work together to reduce the number of abortions. Today I’ve been musing specifically about when life begins. Is … Continue reading The Question of When Life Begins

A Conservative’s Reaction to the Values Forum

For the first time in any election in my lifetime, I feel as if I have been given a glimpse into the two remaining candidates not as the media paints them, but as they are. Last night I watched the Saddleback Church’s forum and came away from the experience having a much better insight into the people behind the political personas. Of course, I’m sure both their answers were part-spin, part-truth. But because both candidates were given the same questions, we can truly compare apples to apples. And compare I did. I even took notes because I wanted to make … Continue reading A Conservative’s Reaction to the Values Forum