Reflecting God’s Glory With 100 ISO

So much of what I am learning in my photography class is translating into new insights about God’s wisdom and glory. For example, today I’ve been pondering how a camera’s sensitivity to light (ISO) is somewhat similar to a person’s sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Hold on to your hats for a second, because my analogy is a bit far fetched. But I’ll explain it anyway. Because it’s Valentine’s Day, and I can. Back in the days of film, ISO was a measurement of how sensitive a particular roll of film was to light. ┬áIn today’s digital cameras, ISO is … Continue reading Reflecting God’s Glory With 100 ISO

Bringing beauty and truth into focus

Hanging by a thread. Standing on your last legs. At the end of your rope. Clinging to hope. These are phrases that come to mind when I examine this photo that I took for my first photography assignment. These last two stalwarts stubbornly hang on to the tree in our front yard — all the high wind and rain we’ve had lately have not yet shaken these shriveled and used up leaves loose. The assignment was to bracket our photos so that we shoot three pictures of each subject: one at the correct exposure (seen above), one underexposed, and one … Continue reading Bringing beauty and truth into focus

The Ivory Soap Campaign

When my brother and I were kids with smart mouths that sometimes said words kids (and adults!) have no business saying, our parents brought out the Ivory soap and gave us an appreciation of the value in telling the truth. I’m here to tell you today that we need a big old bar of Ivory soap to wash out the filth pouring out of politicians’ mouths these days. (Fair warning to McCain supporters — this blog is not a partisan blog today. I’ve been doing some checking, and angry is too mild a word to describe the way I’m feeling … Continue reading The Ivory Soap Campaign