Journey To The Outer Banks

Breathtaking, isn’t it? Last week was full of breathtaking moments as my family and I embarked on a journey to Hatteras, North Carolina, on the southernmost tip of the Outer Banks…accessible by car, that is. What a journey it was! First came the air travel and the obligatory panic attack.  I’m so used to panic attacks at airports that you’d think by now I could ignore them completely.  Nope.  The anxiety and agitation reached a peak, and my poor husband just didn’t know what to do with the blubbering mass of (quiet) hysterics that had become his wife.  I inhaled … Continue reading Journey To The Outer Banks

The Pause Before the Plunge

The roller coaster slows as it chugs its way up the steep incline.  Reaching the zenith, there’s a slight pause, a moment of inertia until gravity takes over and the coaster accelerates down the hill in a rush of adrenaline and squeals. If this scene does not accurately describe your own experience riding roller coasters, that’s okay.  It doesn’t describe mine, either, because I don’t ride them.  But it’s how I imagine a roller coaster ride would be. I bring up this roller coaster scene not because I have a hankering to go stand in the hot sun on concrete … Continue reading The Pause Before the Plunge

Island Girl’s Adventures

Ahhh.  The ocean was so beautiful today I wanted to circle my arms around it and draw it into myself.  I literally experienced that desire to “drink in” the scenery —  I feasted on the view with my eyes and my heart. Tomorrow we make the trek home, and I am filled to the brim with stored up joy and refreshment from this mini-vacation.  If I was an inanimate object, I’d be a bubbling fountain.  Or an ocean wave.  I wish I could bottle up the coast and transplant it up a ways north so we could visit more often! … Continue reading Island Girl’s Adventures