The Pause Before the Plunge

The roller coaster slows as it chugs its way up the steep incline.  Reaching the zenith, there’s a slight pause, a moment of inertia until gravity takes over and the coaster accelerates down the hill in a rush of adrenaline and squeals. If this scene does not accurately describe your own experience riding roller coasters, that’s okay.  It doesn’t describe mine, either, because I don’t ride them.  But it’s how I imagine a roller coaster ride would be. I bring up this roller coaster scene not because I have a hankering to go stand in the hot sun on concrete … Continue reading The Pause Before the Plunge

From Audie Murphy to Algorithms

I’m beginning to suspect that my child is a mathematical prodigy — at least compared to me! Our second day of seventh grade started out much smoother than our first.  Whereas she likened me to the Wicked Witch of the West for starting school “too early” (public schools don’t get started for another couple of weeks in our state) yesterday, today it was easier to get started on school work.  I guess we had to climb over the mental hump.  Sometimes I think my daughter pretends to hate school because that’s what she thinks she’s supposed to do.  Yet I … Continue reading From Audie Murphy to Algorithms

Let the Good Times Commence

I’m not sure whether to write “Let the Good Times Roll” or “Let the Schooling Commence!”  Perhaps I could combine it into “Let the Good Schooling Times Commence to Roll!”  Well…maybe not. Either way, today I had a ball pulling out all the materials I’ve accumulated over the summer in preparation for my daughter’s first year of junior high. Challenge A with Classical Conversations is the road we are on with some history-based literature thrown in for vocabulary building and more imaginative exploration of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Tomorrow we will break out the planner and prepare for “our” … Continue reading Let the Good Times Commence

Why Huckabee…and the Romney Whisperer

Many thanks to the people who put this video together of snippets of Mike Huckabee’s speeches on a variety of topics that are relevant to today. Yesterday I watched and recorded the Republican debate on MSNBC.  On two separate occasions when Governor Romney was asked a question, an obvious whisper was heard right before he repeated whatever the whisper said to say!  At first, I thought the MSNBC questioners perhaps whispered the words themselves, although I can’t imagine why they would do such a thing.  One of these such instances can be seen here: So whose voice was that?  Does … Continue reading Why Huckabee…and the Romney Whisperer

Huckabee’s Wisdom

The more I listen to Mike Huckabee, the more convinced I am of his authenticity and of his wisdom. I have been concerned with the turn our nation has taken over the past several years. We appear to be on the edge of another recession. Morality has become a bad word in secular circles as people turn towards shades of gray in areas where all was once either right or wrong. An advice columnist in the Dallas Morning News wrote yesterday in answer to a question about why it is no longer shameful for people to live together before marriage: … Continue reading Huckabee’s Wisdom