Wealth Redistribution as a Civil Right

My husband received a funny email from a friend over the weekend about what the future might look like in the workplace during an Obama presidency.  It talked about the employees pooling their salaries so that the wealth will be distributed evenly, etc.  But what was a joke over the weekend looks like it could very well speak of reality if Americans don’t wake up and come out from under the spell of deception.

This morning FoxNews posted a link to a very provocative audio clip in which Senator Obama spoke of wealth redistribution in terms of the civil rights movement.  Rather than re-hash my objections to socialism in America, I thought I would post this clip so that you can judge for yourself.  Then be sure to go vote.  Don’t listen to the polls…just pray and vote the way the Lord leads you.  Later I will try to post more about TRUE wealth in the Kingdom of God, but for now take a listen to what Senator Obama views as a “tragedy” about the Civil Rights Movement:

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