Genesis 27-29:Leah

Short posts next few days via my phone.

A question…why did Isaac not realize that he was eating domesticated goat meat when “wild food” was his favorite dish? Was he so old he couldn’t smell or taste well?

And…my heart aches for Leah every time I read about the horrible trick her dad made her participate in. She loved Jacob so much! But I guess he must have felt at least something for Leah because she had many children by him!

No insights tonight. Just exhaustion after a long car ride and thankfulness for safe travels.

One thought on “Genesis 27-29:Leah

  1. Sorry…I’m a few days behind!
    So anyway, there is so much about this story that bothers me. The thing that always bothers me the most is: why would God honor Jacob after the lies and trickery?? Is it just that things were predestined to be that way, so He let it go?? So confusing.
    I feel for Leah, too. How lonely her life must have been.

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