Genesis 30-31

Deceit and trickery. That is what comes to mind in the reading of these chapters.
I don’t understand what a spotted branch has to do with spotted offspring, but I do think God was using genetics to cause the strong spotted animals to be born as part of Jacob’s flock.
I am also confused about why Laban had household idols and why Rachel stole them and lied about them…right after a speech about how God was with Jacob.
Inquiring minds want to know!!

More on this later…

One thought on “Genesis 30-31

  1. Still catching up…

    So. I’m so confused as to why so many of these people are conniving and skirting God’s plan and will…yet He continues to bless what they do! Was there ANYONE honest back then?? I know it’s about covenant and not works but yikes. What a mess these people were!

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