Genesis 32-34

It seems that “buttering up” a potential enemy is an ancient practice. Jacob, who stole his brother Esau’s birthright and blessing, was about to encounter his brother after a long absence. When he fled, Esau was planning to murder him! So it must have been with tremendous trepidation that Jacob obeyed God and returned to the land of Caanan.

I think the fight between God and Jacob may have been Jacob dreading his reception. He may have had a crisis of faith and felt like he was leading his family to the slaughter.

Even after the meeting was cordial and affectionate, Jacob dragged his feet getting to the place God had called him.

How many times have I dragged my feet in obedience to God? How many times do I squirm and wrestle with the message I’m getting?

Every time I resist God’s calling, I am wounded, just like Jacob.

What are you resisting today? For me, I’m holding back.

One thought on “Genesis 32-34

  1. There is not room enough here to explain all that I am wrestling with God about right now! Lets just say it’s a doozy of a fight. 😉

    Oh, and is it terrible that I was rooting for Simeon and Levi here?

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