Exodus 7-9: Blood, Frogs, Gnats, Flies, Boils and Hail…oh my!

It’s interesting to note that Pharaoh’s magicians were able to perform the first few signs and wonders all by themselves: turning the water into blood and bringing the nasty frogs into the houses.  But then God began to make a distinction…the Israelites did not have the gnats and flies, boils OR hail.  Can you imagine such a hailstorm as that?

Pharaoh is like a yo-yo…yes, you can go.  No, you can’t go.  What was he afraid of?  What was he fighting against?

It’s impossible to fight against God and win.  When he calls us, that voice doesn’t go away until we listen.  Sometimes I think we need a big HELLO from God to get our attention.  He’s done that with me before — in response to a specific prayer I had about a relationship when I was in college.  Boy, did He ever get my attention.

I’d say that flying frogs and blinding gnats and flies and rotting frog bodies and humongous hailstones would have gotten my attention!  But I’m not Pharaoh.

In our homeschool studies this year, we’ve read a great deal about ancient Egypt and how the people truly believed that Pharaoh was a god.  No wonder he was so hard-headed!  He was used to being treated as though he was divine…pride revealed its poison every time Pharaoh went back on his word and refused to let the people go.

Lord, I pray that you will guard me from prideful poison.  Let me acknowledge right here, right now, that every good thing in me comes from YOU!

I am so thankful there are no frogs in my bed tonight, aren’t you?

2 thoughts on “Exodus 7-9: Blood, Frogs, Gnats, Flies, Boils and Hail…oh my!

  1. Okay, I’m just going to put this out there: I AM HORRIBLY BEHIND! I started reading a couple of books that completely sucked me in and other than my bedtime Bible study with hubby…I haven’t been reading my Bible. AGH! I admit, it occurred to me to just give up on this, but I’m going to try and double up for awhile and catch up with you. SO sorry!!

    1. Just pick up where you left off! You don’t have to be keeping pace with me. If I didn’t have this blog, there are days that I would have put off the reading, mainly due to the depression. But I’m glad I have this blogging goal. It is helping me stay faithful, even if I only write a couple sentences…at least I’ve read!

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