Exodus 13-15:A personal plea

The Lord values education.  This much is clear from his commands regarding the yearly observance of the Passover.  He specifically told parents to teach their children the significance of this yearly festival.

What do we American parents teach our children?

By creating a yearly holiday, the Lord made one of the first history lessons every recorded possible.  It was passed down from generation to generation and is still practiced today.  Can you imagine the fear and dread those Israelites must have felt when they looked over their shoulders and say 600 chariots rumbling towards them?  Chariots behind them, and the Red Sea in front of them.  Impossible, right?

God chose that moment in history to display his power.  How awestruck the people must have been!!

Lord, I know you are listening as I write these words.  You already know what I am about to ask you.  I know you are capable of absolutely anything.  There isn’t anything you can’t do.  So I ask you directly to heal my grandmother, and I thank you for what you are about to do in her life.  When my other grandma was sick with lung cancer, I was only nineteen years old.  But I had faith then that you could completely remove her tumor.  The fact that you did not doesn’t mean that you didn’t love her.  It meant your plan for her differed from mine!

Now my other sweet grandma is lying in a hospital bed with my mother by her side.  She has a nasty tumor growing inside her colon.  I know, Lord, that she is yours already.  I know that you have plans for her that may be different from my plans for her.  You see, Father, I haven’t been the kind of granddaughter that I should have been.  How many times have I been to see her since I moved back to Texas?  Zero.  I have allowed life to get in the way of love.  Oh, how I love her!  My heart overflows with affection for her, and the mere sound of her voice echoing in my ears brings me comfort and joy.  Lord, I thank you that this tumor was found.  And now, Lord, I ask you to take it away.

What a beautiful way to display your glory than for that tumor to be completely gone tomorrow when she enters the surgical suite?  I have no doubt that you CAN do such a miracle.  But I humbly acknowledge that you are God Almighty, and your plans and thoughts are not the same as mine, and, as Jesus modeled, I ask for your will to be done here on earth just as it is in heaven.  I am comforted to know that you and Grandma have been walking hand in hand for many years.  She may not be able to form her prayers in her mind, but you know her thoughts before she thinks them.  Perhaps the elimination of this tumor will put an end to the anemia, which will then put an end to her language difficulties.  You know, Father!!

So I dedicate today’s blog to my grandma.  She is your special friend, and very dear to me.  I ask you to display your mighty power in her behalf just as you did for the Israelites.  You ARE able!


2 thoughts on “Exodus 13-15:A personal plea

  1. Okay, if I’m remembering correctly I think everything with your grandma turned out not so badly, is that right?? If she continues to need prayers, please let me know. I have a very soft spot in my heart for grandmas! I have one with advanced Alzheimers and one in end stage kidney failure…it is a painful time. It helps knowing that one of them is going to soon be with Jesus and the other, well, I am hopeful she’ll be with Him in the end as well. How I regret not knowing that for sure.

    1. Yes, my grandma got to go home from the hospital on Monday. No word yet on the pathology report.

      It appears that she may have Alzheimer’s Disease or some kind of progressive memory problems. She has a very hard time communicating. She understands everything she hears, but when she tries to reply, she can’t think of the words to say. She’s also lost the ability to write/spell, even though she can still read. I hope to go see her soon, maybe this weekend if the snow melts! (We Texans do not drive in the snow/ice for the good of everyone around us…the roads aren’t treated, and nobody owns a snowplow!)

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