Joshua 12-15: Adjusting the Boundaries

These chapters in Joshua detail the boundaries and cities of the Promised Land.  Different tribes received different parcels of land according to sacred lots.  I confess speed-reading through these chapters.  It is difficult to pronounce — even just in my head – the names of all these places.  It is impossible for me to accurately visualize which piece of land went to which tribe just by reading the words, so I found a map online that shows the different tribes’ boundaries.

Israel Tribal Land map

Thinking about these boundaries causes me to consider the boundaries in my own life.  The allotment of land was by sacred lot in consultation with the Lord.  The “allotment of land” my family received when we moved to Texas was also done in consultation with the Lord.

When we sold our home in Florida, I had one weekend to find us a house to live in.  My husband and daughter did not join me — I flew solo to Texas and met with the realtor.  After two solid days of looking, I was discouraged and near tears.  I sat in the hotel room and grabbed my Bible.  I prayed for help — I really needed to find the BEST home for us, and I needed God’s help to do it.

That’s when my eye fell on a verse that gave me great hope — God told me through His Word that HE knew already which house was to be our home.  He already had it all mapped out; all I needed to do was trust him.

The next day, I found the house, and I knew it was “the one” the moment we drove up to the curb.

How did I know?  I trusted the Lord, and he was faithful to me.  He showed me the path he had already planned…the boundary lines he had already drawn.

If only I could commit other areas of my life in the same way, what freedom I would have!  I need to work on that.  There are several “to do” items on my ever-growing, never-ending list of tasks that I can never seem to get done.  They hang over my head and mock me.  I feel like a failure because I have not even started on them…but I realize as I write these words that I not actually asked the Lord to help me draw boundaries with my time. I haven’t asked for help…

So I will ask it now.  Help, Lord!!  I need help structuring my days so I can fit it all in!  I need help adjusting my expectations of myself so I don’t expect too much or too little from myself and my family.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the more I do this, the more comfortable I will feel in my own skin and the more I will come to depend on the Lord.  That’s where I want to be: in a place of complete dependence.

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