Joshua 16-18: Defeating the Iron Chariot

More land divisions among the twelve tribes of Israel…some of the tribes had apparently been dragging their feet and were afraid of expanding their territories because the inhabitants had iron chariots.  But Joshua told them to forge ahead and assured them of their future victory despite the iron chariots.

The word Joshua used, “yarash,” is translated “shall drive out” in both the NIV and the KJV.  The verb yarash is used in the imperfect tense in that particular sentence.  We don’t have an adequate English word to convey its meaning: to destroy, to dispossess, to bring to ruin, to disinherit.

So Joshua assured them that they would prevail; they would bring the inhabitants with iron chariots to their knees.

So many times I look upon the iron chariots of the world rather than looking for God’s power in the world.  I feel so helpless when I watch the news.  I wonder how on earth the people of this country will ever turn away from sin and turn back to God.  My heart aches for the generation rising up now that is proudly ignorant of the Lord.  What can I do against the massive media machine?  Immorality in our culture today is an iron chariot.  It stands and mocks those of us who worship Jesus.

The creaky wheels of that chariot are nothing against the power of the Lord.  The iron chariot doesn’t stand a chance against the power of our Lord God Almighty.  I pray the Lord will send a wind of refreshment to his people…and that he will awaken a desire in the hearts of people around our country to come back to Him.  To come back to a place of safety and assurance and freedom, lest the iron chariot crush them under its grinding momentum.

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