Judges 6-7: An unlikely hero

I just love the story of Gideon.  I see myself in him every time I read it…not his heroics, but his humble beginnings before the Lord called him.

Like Gideon, I, too, am the least of my family…at least in terms of stature!  I can relate to his obedience to God in the dead of night when those who would mock — or hurt — him were asleep.  God told him to destroy the Baal alter and the poles.  He did so, but not during the day.  He was afraid of what they Baal worshipers would do to him…

It’s interesting and a glimpse into his heart to see that nowhere does it say he was afraid of  offending the other gods.  Nope.  He was solid in his belief in the Lord as the Only God.  He questioned God…but in order to question God, don’t you have to have the belief that He is there?

Gideon also asked the Lord for several signs that the instructions he was hearing were indeed from the Lord.  “Are you SURE it’s you?” I can just hear him asking that question.  If the Lord spoke to me audibly, I could see myself asking for the same kind of sign that Gideon asked for.

It’s encouraging to see that the Lord can use me despite my small stature, despite my questions, despite my sometimes shaky faith.  Looking back over the past year, I am amazed at how He has led me and sustained me in an endeavor I never dreamed I’d be able to accomplish.  I haven’t stopped to think about it, really, because I’ve been so involved in the intricacies of directing a CC group…yet He is the one who has given me the power to “go in my own strength” and do what I never thought I would do…and you know what?  It is a blessed privilege to lead these homeschooling families.  It’s a blessing to be learning right alongside them.

Gideon in his weakness was an unlikely hero, but God chose him, I think, to showcase that it wasn’t Gideon’s strength…but the Lord’s.  It was all for His glory.

May His glory shine brightly!

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