Judges 8-9

More stories about Gideon…these were ones I do not remember.  After all his various victories, Gideon asked for gold earrings and then melted them and made an ephod (an instrument for priestly divination).  Why on earth would he do such a thing?  After he died, Israel once again turned towards other gods.

Gideon had many wives and a concumbine…seventy one sons in all.  After he died the son of his concubine, Abimelech, schemed and killed every last one of his brothers except one of them,who hid, so that he could be crowned king.

He got his reward, though, when a woman dropped a millstone on his head, cracking his skull.


My husband and daughter are leaving tomorrow for Rome (actually, since it is 1:20 a.m., I guess they are leaving today).  I am praying without ceasing for their safety.  This is harder than I thought it would be.  I’m going to miss them…it will likely be a long week.


No insights tonight into the Bible reading.  Just a general sense of sadness and self flagellation.  I am a big chicken.  I hope they have a wonderful time and don’t miss me a bit.  I have no hopes for myself, except that I will enjoy my brother’s visit and enjoy my niece and nephews and that the true meaning of Easter will not get lost in my depression.

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