Judges 10-12: My King

This was another hard reading to swallow, especially tonight.

In a nutshell, one of the judges the Lord rose up to defend Israel was Jephthah.  He was the son of a prostitute; his father had other wives, and he had other brothers.  He was, according to the Bible, a mighty warrior.

During the middle of a battle in which the Lord was giving him victory, he made a vow that “whatever comes out of my tent to greet me when I return home” he would sacrifice as a burnt offering….

…guess who came out first?  His only child, a daughter!

I thought the Lord detested human sacrifice?  Or is this a case when he should have been more precise in his vow?  Yikes.  No wonder Jesus told us to simply let our yes’s be yes and our no’s be no.

Tomorrow is Easter!

My soul is downcast tonight because my family is on the way to Italy without me.  I miss them already.  And yet…

…the Lord is Lord no matter where we are on this earth.  He is with them, and He is with me — therefore, I can find strength and peace and hope in knowing that He holds them safe in His hands.  This time by myself can be used to practice continuous prayer…to practice continuous worship!

I had to share with you this clip they showed at church tonight…it gives me goose bumps.  May it bring you closer to the Truth of who Jesus is…and what you will do about it!

The grave couldn’t hold him!!  Woo-Hoo!!!

Happy Easter, y’all!

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