1 Chronicles 1-2: The Begats

Somewhere there are scholars out there who are experts in ancient Jewish history.  These first two chapters of 1 Chronicles have my head swimming in “ites”.  I need a visual aid to get a better understanding of these people and where they lived and ruled.

It just occurred to me as I read (okay, skimmed) through these chronicles of fathers, sons, and some daughters that they are all related.  All people on earth today got here through the sons of Noah.

So when the Assyrians attacked, they were really attacking their brothers.  How did such animosity rise up between nations?  What is it about power that makes people sin on such a huge scale?

We see it in the news every day…politicians, sports celebrities, movie stars — people in power get in trouble all the time.  They step off a cliff into sin…cheat on their families, accept bribes and hide them in their freezers, tell voters they will do one thing and then, once in office, do something completely different — it appears that integrity and honor fly out the window when people get too caught up in their own importance.

God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.  That Bible verse is my husband’s life verse.  Truly, he is one of the most humble people I know.  I could learn from him!

Tonight we had our end of the year celebration for Classical Conversations.  Thank you, Lord, for giving me these families in our community!  I pray for them and give YOU praise for bringing us all together with like minds.  It was sweet to see the fruit of their hard work as they recited their knowledge…

Goodnight, all!  It’s been a long week preparing for that celebration, and I am struggling to keep these eyes open.

Especially after getting through all those begats! :o)

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