Melting in my bones

Psalm 5; 38; 41-42

I injured my shoulder today carrying our huge bag of piano books.  I must be in the worst shape of anyone I know.  Whoever heard of pulling a muscle while carrying a shoulder bag?

Due to said shoulder injury, this blog will be short and sweet.

Is sickness related to sin?  That’s the question that I pondered as I read today’s reading in the  Psalms.  David certainly connected the two, but I am thinking that he might have been writing metaphorically.  The structure of the poems were very deliberate; some were acrostic poems (the first word of each verse corresponding to a letter in the Hebrew alphabet).  Certainly, when I have unconfessed sin in my heart, I tend to melt in my bones a bit!

The sin of my life currently has to do with — what else — my mouth and my attitude.  I am so ready for home school to be over!  This mommy needs a break!  It doesn’t help that my eleven year old tween is dealing with raging hormones herself…I have got to learn that a gentle word turns away wrath.  Except sometimes it doesn’t, when the gentle word is spoken to a tween!

I am praying for the Lord to just help us both push through so we can finish strong.  I have so many other things on the horizon that need me…it’s time for deep breaths and day-long prayers!

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