About praise…

Psalm 108-111

David pours out his anguish in these psalms, asking the Lord to smite his enemies, especially in Psalm 109.  Psalm 111, however, is a psalm of praise:

He has shown his people the power of his works,

He has indeed, even today.  My aunt was diagnosed with an extreme form of leukemia on May 5th.  She has received two rounds of chemotherapy…and her doctors are baffled at how well she is doing!  Many people with her kind of leukemia don’t even make it through the chemo…but she did.  She still has her hair.  She is not bleeding through her skin as the doctors expected.  In short: the medical professionals are scratching their heads in wonder at her deviation from the “norm.”

I’m not.  I’m raising my hands high in praise, thanking the Lord for caring for her, for carrying her, for healing her.  I thank Him for every day she has here as well as for every day she will have walking with Him.  He. Still. Moves.

Tonight I am praying for my sweet doggy girl.  She might have broken her foot; I’m not sure how to tell when a dog has a broken bone, other than the fact that she is limping on it and it is extremely sensitive to touch.  She jerks it back if I barely touch it.  At this moment, she’s curled up beside me as I blog on my laptop…if she isn’t better tomorrow, it looks like a trip to the vet is in order!

I’m also praising the Lord because today we “finished” my daughter’s fifth grade year in our homeschool!  We’ll still read history together and do some read-alouds, but the measure of real school, for both of us, is math.  Today she took her last math test.  Can I hear an AMEN?

Sorry about the rambling tonight…just reading about praises made me think about all those things for which I am thankful!

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