Finding delight

Psalm 111-118

Today’s psalms are mostly about praise.  What joy it is to read psalms that have been turned into songs that I sing in church and hear on the radio!

However, tonight I want to examine one verse in Psalm 112:

Blessed is the man who fears the LORD,
who finds great delight in his commands.

Do you delight in commands?  Honestly, there are many times that I chafe at commands.  I have a strong tendency to want to be my own boss…so much so that I fear there are moments when the Lord would have me do one thing, but I don’t even see it because I’m too busy following what I want to do.

However, these verses tell me something about delight…they tell me that delight is something that can be found.  It is not simply a state of extreme happiness and joy.  Rather, delight is like a buried treasure that must be chipped away and discovered.  Where is it discovered?  In the Lord’s commands!  Where are those commands?  In the words of this Bible at my side!

So…tonight I am choosing to find delight in what my Heavenly Father has for me to learn.

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