A state of delight

1 Kings 1-2; Psalm 37; 71; 94

I have graduation on my mind.  Two of my nephews graduate from high school this year; one graduated yesterday, and the other will graduate next week.  It seems like just yesterday they were little boys playing with matchbox cars: now they are big boys playing with real cars!

So as I read these words tonight, I thought of the journey ahead of each of them: one wants to be a sports journalist, and the other wants to be a doctor —

Delight yourself in the LORD
and he will give you the desires of your heart.

5 Commit your way to the LORD;
trust in him and he will do this:

I want them to know that those words are true today.  They are the reason I am back in Texas.  I adored living in Florida…except for the distance.  I cried at my daughter’s school programs and recitals because we had no family near to share in our joy.  One Christmas I came upon those verses in Psalm 37 and renewed my commitment to the Lord.  Within one month, my husband’s boss offered to move us back to Texas.

I’m going on vacation soon and hope to spend some time lost in the Word with the Lord.  I want to rediscover what the desires of my heart are.  My husband mentioned to me the other day that I don’t smile as much as I used to…I don’t seem as joyful or bubbly as I used to.  Maybe I’m just getting older.  Or maybe I just really need this vacation to refresh and renew.

As I sink my toes into the warm sand and bask in the surf and sun, I will delight myself in the Lord.  I’m so thankful to be going on this vacation!

Now if I can only relax…traveling is not an easy venture for a worry wart like me.  My daughter won’t be with us; we are dropping her off at summer camp.  Although I know she will have the time of her life (she adored it last year), tonight I’m feeling nostalgic and wish she was coming with us.  (Perhaps I better begin praying about the empty nest syndrome now before it really hits us in seven years or so!  I miss her already, and we haven’t even left yet!)

I will try to blog from my phone, but the cell service is spotty where we are going.  So…if there are no blogs, I will write on paper and then post my entries when I return.

What does it mean to “delight myself in the Lord?”  I feel delighted when I’m lost in praise and worship.  I feel delighted when I catch a glimpse of His fingerprints all over a situation that needed healing and fixing.  And this week I will be delighted when I drink in the beauty and majesty and power of the sea that was created by His hand.

How will you delight yourself in the Lord this week?

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