Wisdom Requested

1 Kings 3-4; 2Chronicles 1; Psalm 72

Today was a beautiful day.  As we sat on the balcony overlooking the ocean, my husband pointed out different ocean features to me.  We observed a huge school of fish, probably about three miles wide, swirling across the sea.  These fish were huge; as far off as they were, I caught glimpses of them as they churned up water.  I like hanging out with my husband.  He is interested in everything and is always learning.  It’s a kick to be by his side.

Today’s reading is about King Solomon and his request that the Lord give him wisdom and discernment.  He did not ask for riches or for a long and happy life; instead, he asked the Lord to give him wisdom so that he could be a wise ruler; because of his selflessness, the Lord gave him wisdom AND riches.

I wish I had more wisdom.  Every bit that I have comes from God.  Tomorrow we plan to go down to the beach early in the morning…and when we do, I will wake up the dawn with my praise for the Lord giving us a way to Him…and a roadmap to follow.

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