The little things

1 Kings 5-6; 2 Chronicles 2-3

These accounts described Solomon’s trade with Hiram to secure the best quality wood and artists to work on the temple.  It also describes what the temple looked like when finished, all covered with gold.  It must have been dazzling to the eye — appropriate to be a place where the people would come to worship.

Our Lord is dazzling indeed.  I have a recent story of how good God really is.  I’ve written before about the severe pain I’ve been having with my cycle.  I prayed earlier this week that the Lord would take care of me in this regard this month because I have not one but two Classical Conversations practicums to work; the one this week was with me providing assistance; the one next week is at my campus.  Had everything worked out “on time,” I would have had my severe pain right in the middle of the practicum I just finished.  I was especially concerned because I was the driver for me and two others from my campus — nearly an hour and a half each way for three days!

Well, the Lord put everything on “pause” until today…now my pain, if I have it, will be on an “off” day when I won’t have to be driving all over town.

It was just a reminder to me that God cares about the little things…the same Lord who orchestrated a means for Solomon to create a beautiful temple orchestrated my body so that I would be sheltered from the pain when I needed protection the most.

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