He has a plan

Ezekiel 38-39

Prophetic words for the distant future are in these chapters of Ezekiel: words about the future coming of Gog from a distant land in the north.  The Bible says this will happen after the Israelites have recovered from a great war (WW II, perhaps?) and have returned to live in their land.

Today was a CC day; I’ve been up since dark thirty and am going to have to cut this blog short once again due to fatigue.

It is encouraging, though, to know that God HAS a plan.  My husband asked me about what I had planned for tomorrow with homeschooling, and I honestly couldn’t tell him!  It’s been so rushed these past couple of days that I haven’t had time to think how to integrate piano with skating and all the other subjects!  Thank Goodness the Lord is more prepared than me!!

He Has a plan.  He has spoken.  His will, will be done.

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